The Thread Upon the Loom

Dread blackness thrust into the dust,
Forced thither by the hand of God,
Waiting, lurking, in the earth,
Below the grass where Adam trod.


Dread blackness thrust into the dust,
Forced thither by the hand of God,
Waiting, lurking, in the earth,
Below the grass where Adam trod,

Sickly peering eyes look out,
Admiring those bright pastures fair,
With every low, impious thing,
Conjoined in one unholy glare,

Privation is the price of sin,
The loss that grinds upon the soul,
The hand that holds us muted, dumb,
The dank malaise of death’s control,

Wherein our hope? What future waits?
What ladder from the chasms bleak?
What monumental feat of man,
Describes the rapture that we seek?

The softly beaming star on high,
Aloft, beyond the cherubim,
The Christ! Undaunted in his work,
Commanding all the Nephilim,

A fellowship of powers pure,
A flock about the holy loom,
With Satan’s works, pulled on a thread,
To glory, from the nether gloom,

This cancer is a fleeting thing,
The wry mistrust that cripples men,
Hark, Gabriel! His cry is thus,
“Stand firm; the Christ will come again.”

Renfield H. Bizarre, 06.09.16

Author: adamdaniel

Someone completely intrigued by the transformative power of Christ. Someone determined to explore and extrapolate all possible positive outworkings of the power of the gospel of Christ. I am interested in power. I know nothing more supreme or more commanding and worthy than Chirst, the most magnificent power. The true king, forever. Humble human interested in summoning and fueling a gospel vortex. May it become blinding and incredibly obvious. May we all be claimed by the rejuevnating light of Christ!

4 thoughts on “The Thread Upon the Loom”

  1. It’s very good. Got elements of St. Augustine and William Blake . Consider turning them into hymns. Collaborate with someone like Ashley GG. Love nephilim so Hebrew. We’re in our apartment in the Alfama district of Lisbon. Narrow windy cobbled streets. Google this. Your mother and I were pretty tired after getting here so just chilling this evening. Lots of Fado and stuff to eat in Alfama. Love to Mel Scarlz and Roadie Cheers

    Sent by Sargon 0408-905-402 ________________________________

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  2. Hi Ad,
    Just read your beautiful poem. What a true gift you have. Nurture it and allow it to grow like a delicate flower in a meadow after the first fall of gentle spring rain.
    You are a true wordsmith, weaving wonder .
    Always thought provoking.

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