Dr. Bob, October Session Interview

Trance techno is not my usual thing. I hosted a public radio show for more than a decade on Perth’s RTRfm, but have only a very limited appreciation of techno. The album that opened up my interest in this realm is one of Dr. Bob’s early demos, October Session.


Trance techno is not my usual thing. I hosted a public radio show for more than a decade on Perth’s RTRfm, but have only a very limited appreciation of techno. The album that opened up my interest in this realm is one of Dr. Bob’s early demos, October Session.

I happened upon this musical gem at random, after a visit from Dr. Bob at my father’s engineering office. After receiving it, I gave it a few listens and then it just sat there, for a number of years. Later, I rediscovered it and it bit me with a rare ferocity and has maintained an almost obsessive appeal. I have been unable to resist the temptation to remind Dr. Bob how highly I rate it.

As trance goes, the music is relatively simple and unsophisticated by comparison with other more polished commercial trance like ATB, Ocean Lab, Dash Berlin or Tiesto. The thing about October Session that works for me is its simplicity and uncompromising energy. From the outset it lays down a rocketing beat which carries through all 12 tracks, with interesting samples and catchy melodic hooks that render a highly satisfying listen. The final mix really works.

Here is an example of October Session at its finest, tracks 3 and 4, where Gavyn Mytchel’s Vocoder meets Cupa by Mass Panic:


Given the immense amount of enjoyment I have derived from this hard-hitting techno thrill ride, and the stupendous levels of enthusiasm I still feel, my basic conclusion is that people would do very well to discover this demo and make it a regular accompaniment to their daily lives, a way to improve any and every situation, perhaps, in particular, things like vigorous exercise or occasions requiring high energy levels, like demolishing a house with a jackhammer or writing a doctoral thesis. If you want to actually get something done, try October Session as a catalyst for getting there.

The full demo is made available here with permission from Dr. Bob:

Listen to October Session on Soundcloud

Download October Session full demo

Interview with Dr. Bob

The section below offers a question-answer insight into the making of October Session, with responses from Dr. Bob provided to R.H. Bizarre January 2016:

1) When did you make October Session?

I recorded this set on 3rd October 2005 … when we lived in Bentley.

I mixed every day .. in Perth it’s how I spent the evenings … mixing and dancing.

.. been doing that since picking up the bug in Jo’burg when I bought my first vinyl … Greece 2000 around 7-8 years earlier

2) What were your musical motivations or intentions in creating October Session?

Around that time in Perth I was recording all my sessions … checking out the quality of the mixing.

When there was an excuse … someone I met (a victim I used to call them) or an occasion, I would do the artwork and playlist and produce a demo cd.

These were often titled for the person or event … otherwise they were named by when they were made.

At this time I would have been mixing off cd’s … I have a picture of the set up at that time…

Dr. Bob's Set up

The intention otherwise was to give out demos … trying for a spot … gave out plenty in Northbridge .. also played in the contest at the biggest venue there at the time … Rise.

3) How did you weave the material together?

And on putting the tracks together … flip through the cd’s on the fly and pick one out ..try it quickly .. if not a match .. quickly go for another.

A pattern begins to emerge and the most recently acquired tracks get stitched together … a suitable beginning and end track and the rest find their place… just fun really.

4) Who are some of your most highly respected musicians/ DJ’s?

Most respected for me these days are the producer DJ’s like John O’Callaghan in the old days, then  …Marcus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Deadmou5, and now Marcel Dettman (Berlin) after that great night at Club Le Feria a few months back.

5) What musical ventures do you have on at the moment?

I got no new music projects at the moment … but still listen and dance every night … one day I might get started again.

Many thanks to an absolute legend!

Renfield H. Bizarre, 24.01.16

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